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Founder/Chief Engineer



Jason Clowers

  • President & Founder of Clowers ITC
  • Over 30 years of Electronics Experience
  • Screen Writer (IMDB)
  • Currently working on Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering specializing in Electronics


Paranormal Experience(s):

My story began 50 years ago, in a small apartment complex in Buffalo.  
I was around 4 years old and my family moved to n apartment complex on Edward Street.  It was me my mother, father and older brother.  My brother and I shared a bedroom.  Every night at the same time I would see this shadow on the wall get larger and larger as it came closer to me.  The shape of this shadows changed into an old woman in nun clothing, with a fairly large habit or hat.  She would come to me in the night and somehow she became solid to me and took my hand.  As this nun takes my hand, the room began to change into an old time hospital.  The nun, still holding my hand, began to walk through this old hospital showing me things.  I could see other people moving around doing whatever it was they were doing; doctors, nurses dressed like nuns and patients.  There was a fourth floor she took me to and I could her people crying out for me to open the door...it definitely wasn’t going to be opened by me.  After all of this this nun would lead me back to my bedroom and wisp away into a black smoke blending in with the other shadows on the wall.  I was never scared of things like this, nor was I ever told that what I saw and still see did or didn’t exist.  I had always kept my little encounters to myself.  To me this was normal happenings.  30 years had past and one day I saw this write up in the local paper about an old hospital in the early 1800’s.  The paper had a picture of this nun in a giant brown habit and I was like oh my god...that’s the old lady.  I immediately went to my father and showed him the picture of the nun and then proceeded to tell him of my childhood adventure.  After I finished explaining to him what happened he took a long pause and said, “don’t you know what that place was on Edward street?”.  I said, no.  His final words were: that was the original Sister’s Hospital during the 1800’s.  I’ve always been able to see things I shouldn’t and hear things I cannot see. My father has done it and my mother has done it.  To this very day I still am able to see spirit just as I look at you.  That’s when I decided to learn electronics and try to make decent ghost hunting equipment that would be affordable to everyone; beginner to professional.


Concept Designer / Partner / Famed Investigator 


J-Adam Smith



J Adam Smith, known as The Paranormal Historian, is a shining star in the Paranormal Field. J has been investigating the paranormal for nearly two decade and is an Internationally acclaimed investigation based sensitive and Master Teacher for the Paranormal Field, can be seen on Travel Channels - Paranormal Paparazzi, NBC, ABC, and countless other Magazines, Journals, and internationally syndicated radio shows. He is the Founder of Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours, which has been classified as "The Hidden Gem of Haunted America" and one of Americas first investigation based ghost tour and leads master classes and certification classes in the paranormal field.

J Adam Smith teamed up with an award winning production company Mapletree Productions and is filming paranormal documentaries for Historic Landmarks. Historic Haunting: A paranormal study of Ramsey House was released Feb 28th 2015 and won a Telly Award.

In 2017, J-Adam Smith was asked to contribute Historical Research and Paranormal expertise in "Ghostly Places in Tennessee" book revealing some Haunted discoveries and personal encounters. The book is filled with a collection of Chilling Stories about haunted places in the State of Tennessee.

In 2018, J-Adam Smith's was filmed by Tennessee Valley Uncharted TV show in preproduction of Spring 2019 episode 13 in Knoxville TN. The episode features Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours unique Girl Scout Merit Badge Tour lead by The Paranormal Historian.

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